For us the health is not only one positionnement.


We consider that the health has to be the experience(experiment) of the good(property) to live moral, social as much as physic.

This is why we try hard to be as closely as possible to the experience of the patients, healthcare professionals, paramedical but also that of the industrialists of the health.

We approach the health as talk, and whatever is the project we try hard of to move the boundaries to the advantage of the patient.

We are active partners of associations in health. In quite activities of communication, events, or activation, our objective is the improvement in the access to healthcare and in the health generally for the biggest number.


For 20 years, Marie-Hélène Brun builds and livens up a network city and hospital which counts this day more than 800 professionals of health.

Marie-Hélène Brun had an intuition that the coordination and the complementarity of the actors of health were going to become major thanks to the numerous exchanges which it had on the ground. Convinced that the quality of the care is also bound to the information of the healthcare professionals, it is at the origin of numerous training program and of information.

In this dynamics, the agency cofounded and organized thanks to its network of healthcare professionals, at the end of 2017, the congress Spot – Pharma aimed at the pharmacists and the assistants, the first congress centered on the officinal clinical pharmacy.

> Also, the agency supported actively the creation of the French Company(Society) of the Officinal Pharmaceutical Sciences thanks to its network and its knowledge of the patient fitness trails.

Finally, worried about the equity man/woman, Marie-Hélène Brun made a commitment in the group connecting women which helps the women spray their glass ceiling!

Besides, she participates actively in the valuation of entrepreneur’s job towards the young people within the association 1000000 entrepreneurs.

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